About Us

Hello Pretty is a non-profit movement in Mwingi, Kitui for women and children victims of domestic violence, poverty, child abuse, and human trafficking. It was established to offer victims immediate protection and support services in accordance with Hello Pretty.


We want a world where all women, children and young people can survive and thrive. Too often they face problems that harm or kill them. These include preventable, treatable diseases or issues in pregnancy.
We are pioneers at empowering local communities, enabling women to take the lead in achieving this vision. We guide them to overcome their problems, bringing people together to find the answers they need.
Our world-class approaches are effective and recommended globally.

By the end of 2021 we will save the lives of 10,000 women, children and young people and enable 1,000,000 more to live the lives they choose. All of this can be achieved with your help.



Hello Pretty extended its thematic areas of intervention by supporting family health, livelihood, and women empowerment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to look for social violence victims, identify causes, give them support, nature their talents, find what they can do best, giving them hope to live again and changing their lives positively.

Our Vision

Set records in eradicating social violence through mentoring, public awareness, identifying strengths and weaknesses for victims of social violence and empowering them, create and fund social economic projects that will help social violence victims self dependable.

Our Values

Honesty to ensure Hello Pretty staff and volunteers are trusted and credible in the eyes of all stakeholders.

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